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The Leviathans are forced to leave, dispersing into the local water supply nearby and leaving behind only Castiel's trench coat. When God called upon him to become his editor, Metatron voiced jealousy at Castiel by calling him God's favorite, suggesting another reason for his dislike of him. Castiel tracks down Jimmy Novak, a devout Christian and family man who is able to receive Castiel's messages and communicate with him. Hannah is unsupportive of this plan, but ultimately fails to stop her friend due to Bobby's assistance from the inside. After Balthazar rescues him from Raphael, Castiel sets him free from a ring of holy fire which enables him to escape the Winchesters. In an attempt to gain his trust, presumably because she knows Castiel is one of his weak spots, she lies to Dean about Castiel and claims that he misinterpreted everything she has done and is still insane. For reasons unclear, Castiel had no memory of who he was. This is all of Castiel's minor relationships from throughout the series. Castiel swore to Dean that they'd find Gabriel again. Castiel instead retreats with the brothers after holding Michael off. During Exodus, the two took part in saving Arthur Ketch and Charlie and killed angels together. As shown in Bring 'em Back Alive, even after his departure from Earth that Castiel still holds respect for God as he told Gabriel not to turn his back on his father's work. Castiel expresses regret and sorrow for having to do this. Lucifer escaped this event Castiel searched for him but lost sight of him and collapsed from his injuries. However, he believes the writers have found "the line", allowing for the jokes to be "more subtle" and "a little more believable". Castiel was unaware that Gabriel wasn't truly dead but was instead being held captive by Asmodeus until Arthur Ketch rescued him and brought him to the Winchesters. Furthermore, Raphael intended to free both Michael and Lucifer from the Cage in order to restart The Apocalypse. In Nihilism, Castiel shows that even though God has never helped the Winchesters ever since the war with the Darkness, he still respected and held faith in God, as he clearly dissaproved Michael's belief that Michael and Castiel's worlds were just failed drafts and was disgusted by his nihilistic desire to destroy all worlds and then catch up to and kill God. It is safe to say that Castiel is grateful for his brother's sacrifice and no longer thinks poorly of him. Once the brothers encounter the string of odd deaths Fate takes this opportunity to eliminate them due to their part of undoing the destined Apocalypse. After he had seemingly completed this task, side-effects of the spell still sent Castiel into fits of blood-thirsty rage, leading him to kill several people. The group then go to the warehouse where the crypt is and before heading inside with Dean, Castiel reveals that Sam is damaged by his trials on a level that even Castiel can't fix. His greatest act of defiance was making sure Dean never said "yes" to Michael. After being killed and resurrected, Castiel seeks out Raphael in order to question him on God's whereabouts. Daphne took this encounter as a word from God and took care of Castiel, now named "Emmanuel", and soon married him. With his meeting, Castiel is one of the seven angels (the archangels, Metatron and Gadreel) to see God. When choosing to take on Sam's insanity, Castiel was tormented by the visions of Lucifer greeting him. Dick throws Castiel across the room when he tries to attack, but after Dean fails to kill Dick, Castiel holds his head in place from behind allowing Dean to stab Dick through the neck with the weapon, killing him. The Cosmic Entity, who rules this realm, is annoyed by Castiel's being awake and attempts to use his own memories and insecurities against him to make him fall back asleep forever. When he comes, Sam threatens Castiel saying that if he does not help, then he will hunt him down and kill him. Castiel and Daphne lived a relatively peaceful and happy life for months, during which Castiel re-discovered his ability to heal people and Daphne helped with contacting clients. He was obedient until Dean began putting doubts in his head as to who was really giving the angels their orders. After Castiel left, Daphne never saw him again, as Castiel would regain his memories in his mission to save Sam Winchester. He had to turn his older brother against their father by showing him the truth of God. Castiel is mortified when he discovers Lucifer has also impregnated said president's lover, Kelly Kline, and makes an effort to try and convince Kelly to abort the child. God resurrects Castiel, shortly after Lucifer has been imprisoned in his Cage by Sam. Crowley, after giving them his blood, disappears but tells them Castiel can help them kill Dick. In Nihilism, Castiel was angry at Michael's taunts and tried to attack but Michael caught him and told him not to interrupt before Sam helped him cuff the archangel. Despite this, Lucifer does know of Castiel and sees him as a brother. During the celebrations back at the Bunker, the Winchesters inform Castiel that Gabriel died a noble death helping them all escape. Immediately after escaping the lair, Lucifer hunts down his son and locates Kelly at a house by the lake. Later, at the request of the man, Fred, Castiel strips him of his powers so he is no longer a danger to anyone though it leaves him mentally damaged. Hester, the new leader of the garrison, was furious with Castel over the genocide of Raphael's followers, which cost Heaven thousands of angels. The experience is rather unpleasant for Jimmy, who feels like he's "being chained to a comet". Mary and Castiel are reunited with Sam and Dean just outside Site 94, but on their way back, they are intercepted by Billie the Reaper, who reveals that Dean had made a deal to sacrifice himself in order to escape the prison. Castiel meets Hannah again in a new vessel when Castiel attempts to break Metatron out of prison. Castiel is speechless when its revealed Michael has possessed Dean once more, having left a way to enter without consent. Metatron revealed that she was God's sister. Castiel then goes to Heaven to ask for help with Gabriel and the Apocalypse World Michael situation, where he is surprised to meet an alive Naomi. [12] After exhausting most of his remaining power to take Sam and Dean back in time to save their parents from renegade angel Anna,[13] Castiel aids the Winchesters in their battle with Famine, the Horseman of the Apocalypse – the brothers having already defeated War – but his weakened powers render him susceptible to Famine's influence, Famine attacking Jimmy's hunger for red meat to make Castiel more interested in eating burgers than actually fighting. Their final meeting was in the bunker where Castiel who just awoke from being attacked by Michael. However, she was not swayed and continued her attempts to prevent The Apocalypse by time traveling. After Lucifer is finally defeated, Castiel continues to hunt down Kelly and the child out of fear that the child will wreak havoc. While talking to Dean, who unsuccessfully begs him to give up the power, Sam sneaks up behind them and attempts to kill him with an angelic blade by stabbing Castiel in the back, but it has no effect. Now free of her, Castiel took the tablet as Naomi and her squad of angels searched for him. Enraged, Castiel follows Lucifer to the stage and tries to attack Lucifer again, only to be disarmed by telekinesis. During Let the Good Times Roll, Castiel recalled his brother's death after Michael appeared in the world and tried to attack him, despite knowing what power Michael holds. In Season 5, Castiel is resurrected by God after Raphael kills him and Castiel uses this to intimidate Zachariah in leaving the Winchesters alone. Although Lucifer is apparently killed in the later confrontation with Amara, Castiel is healed and returned to control of his body, he also meets his creator for the first time. During Season 4, he unknowingly meets God who was pretending to be a prophet named Chuck Shurley that had been writing books about the Winchester's heroics, which he seemed to support. Regardless, by letting Metatron live, Metatron ended up in hospital and discovered a new perception of life. He notices belatedly when God disappears from the room after being teleported by Amara. By taking part in this mission, Metatron helped to rescue Castiel as well. Mary and Bobby return to the Bunker to find Castiel, alone and despondent. Hester wanted an explanation, but soon realized - along with Inias - that Castiel had lost his sanity. Original Abilities Angelic Possession – As a spiritual being, like all angels, Castiel needs to use and possess a human vessel to physically interact while on Earth. However, when Bartholomew tortures an angel and refuses to stop killing even innocent peaceful angels, Castiel refuses to help him, declaring that he wants no more part of slaughtering angels. He leaves after hearing a signal from the angels, and finds a resurrected Adam Milligan – Sam and Dean's half-brother who had been previously killed by ghouls. Both angels were shocked to discover that Castiel was alive, since he was thought to have died after he let loose the Leviathans some time ago. Castiel saves Sam and captures one of the demons, claiming under Naomi's orders that he is searching for the second half of the demon tablet and that the demons are searching for a parchment that will allow them to translate it without a Prophet. After finding the tree, Castiel fought and killed most of the Djnn clan that was guarding the tree and bargained with the survivors, possibly leaving Castiel married to their queen. It was during this time that Castiel learned that God was absent and everything he knew about Heaven was a lie. During Season 14, Castiel turns to Rowena for a resource at times along with the Winchesters. Having gained access to Heaven's 'back door' after Gadreel sacrifices himself, Castiel defeats Metatron and throws him into Heaven's prison. He gets Pastor Gideon so they can have him do it and tries to hold the Whore in place so the Pastor can stab her. The other angel offers Castiel the chance to return to Heaven with him, but Castiel declines, explaining that he feels he no longer belongs there. When Castiel contacts the Winchesters, however, Dean tells him to leave Hael and make his way the Men of Letters bunker where he will be safe from the angels hunting him. The brothers met ten years later, Castiel prayed to Michael for them to talk about things. Castiel managed to return to the Winchesters soon after, though after Meg killed a demon near Rufus' cabin, Hester and Inias were able to track them to their new location. Castiel shows remorse for his previous actions and initially wants to leave, but Dean is able to convince him to help by giving him back his trench coat. While he still uses the vessel of Jimmy Novak, this version of Castiel speaks with an accent, and has a pronounced facial tic and an eye injury. She becomes rebellious and holds a fair bit of hatred towards Castiel. While Michael was detained, Castiel tried to speak with him of their father's betrayal but Michael refused to consider it and Castiel then admitted how he always disliked his eldest brother, which did not at all faze or amuse Michael, who remained calm and cold, but noted now he just pitied him for his continued misguided faith in trying to be the "good and favorite" son, while also berating Michael for not acknowledging he is just a puppet, which finally enraged Michael who then attacked his brother for his words. When Duma returned and admitted that they couldn't help him, Castiel got angry and demanded they help until Naomi arrived to explain the situation to him. Inias, on the other hand, became one of the very few angels to care for Castiel, enough to want to welcome him back to the garrison, though Castiel ultimately declined. Feeling sorry for what he had done, Castiel transfers the problem to himself and is haunted by visions of Lucifer like Sam was. With his powers restored, Castiel helps Claire find her long-lost mother, but although Amelia sacrifices herself to save Claire, Claire accepts that the Winchesters and Castiel meant well, even speculating that she will become a Hunter herself. Castiel visibly disapproved of this mindset and by Michael's callous desire to kill God as well as end the world on a whim. He confronted Michael in Dean's mind and fought him but was overpowered, though helped in locking him away to prevent his evil from spreading. Castiel sat relatively close to God inside the bar the team gather in while Dean goes on a mission as a ticking time bomb. However, instead of capitulating, this proved to be the last straw for Castiel who instantly killed Duma with his angel blade, ending her reign of terror and ensuring the safety of John and Mary. Castiel gathered various ingredients, but by the time Kevin Tran found out that said ingredients weren't listed on the angel tablet, Castiel was already one ingredient away from what Metatron needed for his master plan. During his time in The Empty, The Shadow tortured Castiel with his memories of his death at Lucifer's hands to break him but the latter didn't give in and Castiel was resurrected as a result. During his travels with the Winchesters, Castiel develops friendships with both men, especially with Dean, who he falls in love with. During the talk, it is implied that Metatron genuinely wanted Castiel to live a full life as a human. This shows he now considers her to be family as well. The guys find Eileen’s phone, but not Eileen. Michael is eventually destroyed when Jack taps his remaining powers, but this results in damage to Jack's soul, with the Winchesters and Castiel becoming increasingly concerned about his future sanity. Castiel, realizing there is no other way to safely know the true ingredients for the spell, forcibly extracts the spell from Donatello's mind, leaving him brain-dead and on life support. Castiel nearly gave up on trying to contact God but after finding the charm, he quickly spoke to God and begged him for help in saving Jack. Unlike Dean, Castiel was unwilling to let him possess Dean as he, somewhat correctly, believes that Michael would take full control over Dean. It is unclear if Castiel remembers Daphne, or whether he cares about her at all. This plan backfired when his unorthodox methods alienated his most trusted follower, Gadreel, who then sided with Castiel. In "The Man Who Would Be King", it is revealed that Castiel was the one who partially raised Sam from Hell, though due to the complication of the cage it was impossible to retrieve his soul, and that he has made a deal with Crowley in a desperate attempt to win the war. Castiel kills her, but is left weakened by a stab wound she managed to inflict on him first. She tries to make him doubt his orders but Castiel becomes angry and states that he is nothing like her, and tells her to leave. Years later, Castiel would attempt again to keep his promise to protect Jimmy's family, he tracked them down only to discover that not only had he ruined Jimmy's life, but also caused the break up of the remaining Novaks, with Amelia having gone searching for Jimmy and leaving Claire in bad company. The alternate Castiel wonders about the other Castiel's allegiance to humans, and tell him that they are the same. She then attempted to play on his care for the Winchester Family by ending John and Mary's shared Heaven with a snap of her fingers. However, it would be by Castiel's own hands that Ishim met his end, something Castiel had threatened to do to his other superior Anna, but never did, although while he stated that he did not want to kill Anna unless truly forced to, Castiel showed no remorse for Ishim's death. He tells Metatron "I've rebuilt Castiel more times than I can count" but adds that "look where that got me." Though Castiel refuses at first, he returns ready to help not long after. She questions on whether he thinks what he's doing is right, having Dean torture Alastair. Jack, after finding out Lucifer murdered Maggie, rejects him, which causes Lucifer to admit he only needs his power, causing him to steal Jack's grace and disappear with him and Sam. After losing his memory, Castiel is more human than ever, but still displays some of his emotionless side. Despite their turbulent meeting, Mary comes to accept Castiel as part of the family, and together they go and rescue Sam from the British Men of Letters. Eventually, Malachi leaves Castiel with the angel Theo who tells Castiel he wants to defect to Metatron's side. Despite years of living as a rogue angel and a family friend of the Winchesters, Castiel does not feel like he truly belongs, similar to Mary, who has lost 33 years of her life and cannot cope with the loss of her husband and the change in her sons. After Castiel rescues Dean from Hell, he realizes he cannot communicate with the human unless he obtains a vessel. Castiel, for the most part, was Uriel's superior, and stopped Uriel from hurting Sam and Dean many times. However, the experience renders Castiel amnesic, but with his angelic powers intact. This alliance is shattered when Metatron tricks the angels into losing faith in Castiel, blaming him for the suicide bombing. There, he encounters a hostile Mary, but also Dean, whom he thought had died in his mission. When Lucifer, actually imprisoned in Crowley's lair at the behest of Crowley, finds out Castiel is with his son as opposed to Dagon, he screams in rage. Sam is trapped in Limbo with Lucifer assaulting him, so Castiel joins Dean in trying to fend off the archangel. Despite losing the tablet, Naomi is somewhat satisfied as according to her, Castiel is doing what he is supposed to be doing. As an angel, he possesses a number of supernatural abilities, including the ability to kill demons. However, after she ordered him to kill Dean to get the Angel tablet, Dean got through to him and the tablet's powers severed her control. Castiel readily agreed, given that Sam was already doing the trials for locking up Hell. In Beat the Devil, Castiel and the others open a rift and travel through Apocalypse World. Despite his lack of power, he is able to defeat the Horseman Pestilence using what appears to be what little is left of his angelic strength, and assists Bobby and Sam in preventing nationwide distribution of the Croatoan virus. God resurrected Castiel and presumably Jimmy as well since he was mentioned by the angel. They then decide to work with the British Men of Letters, specifically Arthur Ketch and Mick Davies. Castiel also proceeded to aid the brothers in creating a rift to Apocalypse World, in order to save Mary and Jack (who was sent there as well) from Michael. [31] Because Castiel's true voice shattered windows in his premiere episode, Collins decided to use a "gruff, resonant voice" for the character. Dean subsequently returns and banishes Lucifer, vowing to find a way to free Castiel from his control. Michael taunting Sam, Dean, and Castiel while in Dean's mind. Later, he carves a banishing sigil into his own chest and activates it in the presence of multiple angels in order to clear the way for Sam and Dean to attack Zachariah and save Adam. They worked together during the breaking of the 66 seals. Though reluctant to believe this, Castiel wanted to share the news with Dean and Sam but Lucifer prevented him. Castiel intends to keep using Claire in order to spare Jimmy of the torment of being a vessel, but Jimmy refuses. Bartholomew: You weren't. However, Metatron later captures him and he sees Naomi's body, he is horrified as Metatron confirmed to Castiel that she was telling the truth. Before the events of War of the Worlds, Castiel appeared to like and trust Duma to the point that he called upon her for information on Jack and met with Duma alone at the Heavenly Portal. In return, Claire saves Castiel from being killed by the rogue angel. He seems to be very mysterious and introspective about his assignment from God. Supernatural Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Jimmy demanded Castiel to rescue his family as part of their deal to gain Jimmy's consent.

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